Blog: Revive with Restorative Sleep at Dove Retreat

Imagine waking up after a blissful nights sleep. An essential contributor of our daily wellbeing is a good nights sleep! Good sleep supports the mind, body and spirit. Take a well deserved weekend away to this rural part of Somerset and enjoy some rest and relaxation in our cosy shepherd’s huts. You get to use both the cook-house and the bunk-house so you can really spread out and leave your bags of comfy kit in one and get busy with your camping culinary skills in the other. Our wide open skies are mesmerising, perfect for gently embracing nature’s invitation to be present to the moment. At night the dark skies will show you some magic and weave some wonderful memories for you to take home as keepsake reminders. The animals on our small holding will give you much amusement, watching them watching you.

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