Blog: Flourishing in Nature

Spend a long weekend at Dove Retreat and soak up the rural, rustic charm of the shepherd’s huts, as you rest, relax and revive your wellbeing. Wander around the paddocks and country lanes filled with birdsong and wild flowers to refresh your sensory awareness. Feel more in tune with your heart’s desires; your personal rhythm in life; re-connect to knowing makes your heart sing – and then you will be flourishing.

Blog: Looking for Direction? Connecting with Life Force

Book a retreat weekend and gain insight on the Four Directions Quest.

These old tree trunks, all from this locality, are holding the space of the four bearings of the compass. Take a Wild Walk around the fields of our countryside. Using a compass to notice where your attention is drawn. Noticing the gifts that nature provides us with. Sense in to the guidance of celtic and shamanic medicine wheel energy, aligned with the 4 bearings. What question do you ask? What are you looking for? What do you need? We will explore how recognising our own Life Force helps support our resilience, and feel more in tune to your direction.

Blog: Destiny & the Emergent Future

WOMEN’S RETREAT in Nature. Embrace a magical experience to boost your resilience with a few days away at Dove Retreat. Connecting with the energy of: Medicine Wheel guidance; NSEW bearings; our own direction and Destiny. Friday 2pm until Monday 11am.

Connecting with Direction Quest

On Saturday – Connect with the healing energy of the four directions of our bearings, North, East, South and West. Explore and invite with the healing energy of medicine wheels. Journey with a compass on a guided field trek on your personal quest to feel more connected to your own direction.

On Sunday – Meditate around the log circle, connect to the warm resonance of old knowing and contemplate the guidance from medicine wheel energy. Feel the strong connection to the land of old Somerset with it’s history, stories of folklore and embrace destiny. The itinerary will be flexible to accommodate weather influences, but we embrace the elements and welcome their support.

Contact me with your date enquieries. Enjoy this retreat time with your friends, there is a double bed in one hut and 2 singles in the other. There is also a single tent available.

Blog: Revive with Restorative Sleep at Dove Retreat

Imagine waking up after a blissful nights sleep. An essential contributor of our daily wellbeing is a good nights sleep! Good sleep supports the mind, body and spirit. Take a well deserved weekend away to this rural part of Somerset and enjoy some rest and relaxation in our cosy shepherd’s huts. You get to use both the cook-house and the bunk-house so you can really spread out and leave your bags of comfy kit in one and get busy with your camping culinary skills in the other. Our wide open skies are mesmerising, perfect for gently embracing nature’s invitation to be present to the moment. At night the dark skies will show you some magic and weave some wonderful memories for you to take home as keepsake reminders. The animals on our small holding will give you much amusement, watching them watching you.

Blog: Dark Skies, Star Gazing & Sunsets

‘Just Being’ in nature is soothing and nurturing, a truly wonderful and holistic way to build resilience in mind, body, spirit.

Book a leisurely weekend away and gently slip into all that is nature around us. This quiet corner of Somerset showcases breath-taking wide open wondrous night skies and the immense beauty to be appreciated in the darkness. We’re very lucky that Rimpton has excellent dark skies and very low light pollution.Β 

Take a relaxing break in this oasis of secluded, back-to-nature camping without the crowds. You’ll find plenty of space to chill and relax with your loved ones with a crackling campfire and the magical starry night sky. Lie outside your hut at night and enjoy the awe inspiring view of the Milky Way. On a clear night you’ll see planets, constellations and sometimes shooting stars.

There’s always the possibility of it being cloudy and if it is, you can still head out for a stroll up the lane and see if you can spot any nocturnal wildlife.

Blog: Rest Relax Revive

Haelan Hleo, in old English it means healing shelter. This is the bunkhouse, our shepherd’s hut with a rustic hand crafted bed. The theme of nature blends from starry floor tiles through splashes of soft colours on fabrics and furnishings to add comfort to your stay.
Take a few days well deserved break away from your busy hectic lifestyle. Enjoy the peacefulness of country lanes filled with birdsong and breathe in fresh air on a carefree walk around the footpaths. Walking outside brightens the mood; lifts the spirits; improves confidence; clears the mind; improves communication and so the list goes on.

Blog: Horses & Humans need Boundaries

The subject of boundaries will crop up for many people. Private lives, professional lives and developmentally for children and pets. It’s often a subject in therapy for exploration in friendships, relationships and working environments. I’ve been watching some different horse trainers on video and youtube over the winter and the latest is from Wales and some exceptionally wise Americans. I’ve been watching the demonstration of leadership and setting boundaries for young horses, as in November I was wildly spontaneous and bought a young 18 month old New Forest pony, so I am submersing myself in working with young horses at the moment.

Not only are boundaries important for young horses, to survive and exist comfortably in a herd, but boundaries are important to humans too. Parents or those with parental responsibility, are the ones to set the early ones and personal boundaries are important to adults, for living their most useful, content and rewarding life.

My little pony is named Uhtred, after a Danish Earl, who could have actually ridden across the land here when he lived around the 9th century during the reign of King Alfred. Uhtred has to live comfortably here with the herd at Dove Retreat and with me, and our visitors. So I have a new project, but also a responsibility to him, and with much excitement I am looking forwards to building a connection with Uhtred so that hopefully we may get to explore the fabulous countryside together in the future.

Supporting people around horses and ponies gives them a special opportunity for insight into areas of personal development, a lot can be learnt and new ways forwards can be considered. Emotional realisations and energetic resonance of trauma can sometimes be released and as an experienced counsellor I would be taking great care to ensure that emotional wellbeing is held with professional boundaries.

If you would like to come for a retreat weekend, and also book an experiential session with the ponies here, please do get in touch. Sitting with the ponies and talking about problems or stress can be enlightening and therapeutic whilst held in the nurturing space of nature. Your session can be of gentle, mindfulness and meditation or maybe something a little deeper which can be discussed together. (Photos of Uhtred are on facebook – Dove Retreat)

To stay at Dove Retreat is an opportunity to rest, relax and feel revived. To have the animals and birds as your companions. To go for a refreshing walk around the village circuit or plan a longer hike and awaken your senses. Enjoy and admire the wide open skies as you truly live in the moment and be present to the sounds of wildlife. Rest in the cosy, rustic shepherd’s huts and enjoy the warmth of the wood burners and soft throws. Treating yourself to all of this, because you deserve it, because you are worth it.

Blog: Building Resilience

Knowing what makes you feel safe and secure is a really useful way to help feel grounded. Engaging in hobbies and interests are a great way to be producing those helpful endorphins that help you cope with stress. Be around respectful kind-hearted people and know that you are worthy of this. Take care of yourself on the basic level of good health and hygiene, express self-compassion and treat yourself. Keep warm and nurtured at times of challenge. Know who your good friends and companions are that you can turn to at time of loneliness or stress.

Blog: The Nurturing Tonic of Companionship

Sometimes having a stressful situation on the horizon can cause anxiety. Feelings of dread, fear and panic can be overwhelming. Physical symptoms can be a knotted or disturbed stomach, headaches, and light-headedness. If there is an injury or wound then pain can feel heightened.

A way to manage times of worry can be eased by the comfort of companionship. Especially by those who are warm hearted, kind and compassionate. Simply having a kind person or animal nearby can reduce anxiety and pain.

Book a 1.5 hour Nurture in Nature session during your stay at Dove Retreat and feel relaxed and rested in the peaceful paddocks in the companionship of animals and birds.

Blog: Safe & Secure

During times of change and stress it is really good to know how to keep your resilience topped up to cope with the challenges. One of the ways is to know the place that you can go to, in life or in your mind’s eye, that helps you feel safe and secure.

If you have a place already, that’s fantastic, it may be at home, in the garden or a lovely spot you know on a local walk. Sometimes it’s really great to create a peaceful place for relaxation, meditation, mindfulness in your own garden or a quiet space in your home, even if it’s small space, all you need are some soft throws, some cushions and some plants, as it’s always nurturing bringing nature indoors too. All the things that help you feel relaxed, cosy and comfortable.

Going to this place regularly to practice breathwork, meditation or mindfulness is extremely useful, because when times are stressful and maybe your feeling anxious, then imagine you are in the place of known safe and secure. Bring your attention, remember, what it looks like, what it feels like to be sat upon the cushions and throws, look around in your mind’s eye and really notice the surroundings. Whilst practicing the 4 count breath in through the nose and 6 count out through the mouth, and pressing feet and bottom into the ground, you are most likely able to reduce adrenalin, feel calmer and manage a challenge with clearer thinking, feeling more in control.