Blog: Dark Skies, Star Gazing & Sunsets

‘Just Being’ in nature is soothing and nurturing, a truly wonderful and holistic way to build resilience in mind, body, spirit.

Book a leisurely weekend away and gently slip into all that is nature around us. This quiet corner of Somerset showcases breath-taking wide open wondrous night skies and the immense beauty to be appreciated in the darkness. We’re very lucky that Rimpton has excellent dark skies and very low light pollution. 

Take a relaxing break in this oasis of secluded, back-to-nature camping without the crowds. You’ll find plenty of space to chill and relax with your loved ones with a crackling campfire and the magical starry night sky. Lie outside your hut at night and enjoy the awe inspiring view of the Milky Way. On a clear night you’ll see planets, constellations and sometimes shooting stars.

There’s always the possibility of it being cloudy and if it is, you can still head out for a stroll up the lane and see if you can spot any nocturnal wildlife.

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