Blog: Destiny & the Emergent Future

WOMEN’S RETREAT in Nature. Embrace a magical experience to boost your resilience with a few days away at Dove Retreat. Connecting with the energy of: Medicine Wheel guidance; NSEW bearings; our own direction and Destiny. Friday 2pm until Monday 11am.

Connecting with Direction Quest

On Saturday – Connect with the healing energy of the four directions of our bearings, North, East, South and West. Explore and invite with the healing energy of medicine wheels. Journey with a compass on a guided field trek on your personal quest to feel more connected to your own direction.

On Sunday – Meditate around the log circle, connect to the warm resonance of old knowing and contemplate the guidance from medicine wheel energy. Feel the strong connection to the land of old Somerset with it’s history, stories of folklore and embrace destiny. The itinerary will be flexible to accommodate weather influences, but we embrace the elements and welcome their support.

Contact me with your date enquieries. Enjoy this retreat time with your friends, there is a double bed in one hut and 2 singles in the other. There is also a single tent available.

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