‘Thankyou SO much for the stay in your ‘treasure’ of a Shepherd’s hut. What a wonderful gift, a little oasis of calm, rest and peace. I’ve loved listening to the endless birdsong, watching your doves, ponies, sheep, donkey, not to mention the fabulous scenery. I’ve felt safe and well looked after. Thankyou ~ Sue                                             Retreat to Nature guest                              ***********************************

‘We really enjoyed our time with Claire and the ponies. Claire told us about the different personalities and we had a chance to spend time with them and stroke them etc. Claire was hot on health and safety, so it all felt secure. My older teens really enjoyed it and I should imagine younger children would adore it. Time passed in a flash. It’s also a beautiful location, so enjoyable if you’re a townie like me. Claire answered all my questions too. I might have enjoyed a few more stories coming from Claire but that’s just knit picking!’ Airbnb Experiences guest

‘It takes a while for most of us to slow down and be mindful. Not so with Claire, who has an ease with which she guides you to a more relaxed mindset because she herself is completely present for her guests. Claire is lovely and I cherished my mindfulness experience with her and the beloved animal friends – from the precious pony and donkey to her lovely horse, Summer, and even the doves. She provided an incredibly thoughtful, relaxing environment, enabling me to let go of my work week and truly be present with her precious animals. Not only did she provide this experience but she went above and beyond, giving me the full experience despite GPS causing my late arrival. Thank you, Claire, Sydney, and all of the rest of the precious beings for a wonderful day!’ Airbnb guest

‘Claire provided us with something unique and special for the morning. She shared techniques on mindfulness that we could take away with us. Great activity!’ Airbnb Experiences guest

‘A very unique and peaceful experience. Claire was willing to tailor the morning to us, making sure we felt welcomed and comfortable. The animals were very friendly, and it was a great opportunity to wind down and relax in nature. The retreat is calm and tranquil, with doves, horses and a donkey. A booking you won’t regret making.’ Airbnb Experiences guest


‘If you are looking for a counsellor who can not only help you but make you see things in a different clearer, helpful way which helps you to change and improve your life, then you have found them in Claire Ryall.  She has in gentle, kind and emotive way helped me not only to overcome my problems, but also to look past them and see them in a new light which has helped my move on in a positive way and which has improved my life also. So please if you need help but aren’t quite sure counselling is for your, just pick up the phone and talk to Claire as I’m very confident she will be able to find a way to help you through whatever hard times you are having.’ A                                                                    ************************************************************************************

‘Claire and The Healing Herd offer a beautiful and tranquil space to connect more deeply with yourself. The experience with the horses and ponies is wonderfully gentle and healing, helping you on your personal journey. It is a very peaceful space and Claire is a gifted facilitator who will work with you for healing and self discovery. Being with the horses in this mindful way is an amazing experience – do not hesitate in making your booking!’ – Bryony
‘I had a wonderful hour with Claire and The Healing Herd – so  much happened in that hour! Claire’s attention to safety and the process for each individual is immaculate.  At my first encounter with Darwin he totally ignored me, carried on eating and walked away right across to the other side of the paddock.  Claire asked me to see what I was present to and I recognised my old feeling of needing to connect, of reaching out and it not being met.  He had instantly mirrored it to me.  As I was sharing this with Claire, i was surprised to see Darwin coming directly towards me until his head was 2 inches from mine, and we both stood still together, two sentient beings connected at a deep pure level. I was present to unconditional love and it was deeply moving.
On visiting the girls, as I got  close to Summer, she kept moving her head off to the right and Claire asked if I had anything painful on my right side, and yes I did  and was finding it hard to heal. I can  now tell you that 2 days after the experience with Summer, my right side pain had disappeared.
I’m left with an understanding of where I am for  myself- clarity that  my  neediness has pretty much gone and I’m much more present to love for  myself.  A very wise hour indeed.  Thank you Claire.’ – Mayella