Blog: Alone V Loneliness

Spending time alone can be healing and support wellbeing. Loneliness is something that can be extremely difficult to manage and bring all sorts of problems. Warm, caring companionship is very good for lifting the mood, especially found by spending time with animals. Animals can offer unconditional love which is just so precious and a true gift. If you are feeling lonely, see if there are any neighbours who would like their dog walked, there are many busy families who may really appreciate this! Lifting low mood can be helped by doing things you really enjoy, any hobby or activity that gives pleasure and a sense of fun, achievement and satisfaction. Make a collage of things to look forward to, like a vision board. Use a scrapbook, or draw and paint the things you’d love to try next year and raise a sense of realistic hope. In April we will be welcoming visitors for our Nature based Mindfulness with Animals sessions, but do contact me if you would be happy for a 1 hour winter session, albeit it in raincoats and warm clothing. Bright Yuletide greetings, from Claire and The Healing Herd xx

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