Blog: Giving the idle time Purpose to help you Flourish

Do you ever sit with your mobile phone, just scrolling through different sites and apps and realise the time has just passed you by? Do you find that time spent on your mobile or laptop has put the brakes on your motivation? Do you feel stuck in a time-wasting habit, whilst justifying that you’re just looking for interesting stuff?

How about asking yourself what is it that you are seeking? Fun; Educational; Informative; Interesting; Humour; Social Interaction; Skills; Confidence Building; Healthy Lifestyle; etc, etc.

When you figure out what it is you are looking to gain from time spent scrolling on your mobile or sat at a similar device then you are in a great position to really enhance your life! If you identify that you spend a lot of time looking at travel or adventure themes, now is the time to plan something realistic that you can actually experience! Whatever it is, bring it into your life as actual experience to improve your overall wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem, fulfilment, purpose, and so much more.

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