Blog: “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!”

Yesterday I had a family visit for an Airbnb experience of 1.5hrs, themed Nature Based Mindfulness with Animals. It was a wonderful reminder for me of trusting in Self, that letting go of learnt knowledge in current thinking, does not mean we forget all the wonderful things we learn, especially if they mean something of value to us.

I tend to plan an outline of the experience sessions but wait until the guests arrive and see what they would hope to experience too. This family of parent and two young children were hoping to try a sort of taster session for equine-assisted therapy back in their home county, which threw me a bit off my ‘plan’ of activities.

But once they had got through the sloshy muddy gateway, and safely hand-holding through to the gated walkway, things just settled into a lovely rhythm. We started with a little chat about the senses, ours and animals and that soon changed to many questions coming forward, of different topics which was such a test of my attention! I realised this was a one of a kind session, with bright enquiring minds and delicate spirits. It became a juggling act for me to monitor, respond, guide and suggest and the activities became spontaneous and fun. From filling up the bird feeder and feeding the birds, to throwing hay for the small ponies and donkey, literally throwing it up in fluffy clumps so they had a huge soft bed of hay trailings, much to the delight of the 3 Amigos (Syd, Darwin and Merlin)! Watching the guests’ little facing beaming with happiness and intrigue were moments of absolute satisfaction for me. We then went off to walk around the 500m grazing track, which had no ponies on it. My idea was a nature treasure hunt, which quickly turned into squeals of delight running through more muddy puddles, singing at the top of their voices “We’re going on a bear hunt!” and running around looking at flowers, insects and other eye-catching treasure. This changed into an echo concert with “HELLO!” being shouted out whilst we all listened to the echos. I was amazed how well the sound recalled! It was so fun-filled and refreshing to just be able to shout with joy! We ended up in the stable with an indoors activity of making handcrafted Christmas cards, whilst having a drinks. When they got back in the car to go back to their holiday base, I offered my country girl wisdom of pulling off wellies as they jumped in, and safely popping muddy boots straight in the boot of the car! Clean and giggling in their socks these two little guests had enabled me to trust in my Self that we can hold a lot of knowledge in our memory, and it can come to the front of accessibility when necessary, if we just trust in ourselves.

One thought on “Blog: “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!”

  1. We had a fantastic time was a magical experience, my daughters aged of 7 and 8 years old and I went to visit the Dove retreat and are still talking about the Flower Hunt . Claire managed to share her passion about the animals and the nature and adapt the experience to young children with success. As an adult, I really had a very good time and I have to say that it was very mindful and relaxing experience. For anyone travelling by the lovely area, I would definitely stop by to say meet with Darwin, Merlin and Syd.


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