Blog: Nature can Nurture Us

During these times of changes which are world wide, there can be a sense of losing control and too fast a pace of change. A resistance to change can cause a feeling of putting the brakes on all areas of change, a feeling of overwhelmed pressure and unreasonable forcing of having to go along with others’ rules.

Take a step back and look at how useful change can be in our lives. It brings opportunity for growth, personally and professionally. Adapting and being flexible are skills that sometimes need to be given encouragement, think of it as a process of learning, trying new ways and figuring it out as you go along.

Nature is forever changing, in the seasons and quite simply with every day sunrise and sunset. Let nature show you how to recognise normal change is necessary and fruitful. The ancient ways of the Celts were supported by their seasonal festivals, ceremonies and rituals connecting to nature and the universe. Worldwide indigenous tribes have lived in harmony with nature and we can connect in our own way too. We have a wonderful planet that can teach us how to manage change. It can be immensely nourishing to connect with nature, the planet and each other with kindness, love, gratitude and appreciation. As winter is nearing we can take this time to rest and recover and let the dormant phase regenerate new growth for the spring.

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