Blog: Nature is Still Here for us

During these times of change and challenge it is really helpful to spend time in nature. Connecting with nature is healing and a brilliant way to strengthen our resilience. Simply sit for a while outside and rest, with a slow steady breath. Notice all that is around you, using your senses rather than your thinking. Being in the present helps to let go of the future worries and release the dwelling thoughts remembering the past.

In the company of animals and birds we can receive joyful companionship and the connection of others lightens the mood and can really help with feeling more connected to your Self. This can help improve general wellbeing and with managing life’s situations.

Calming and soothing the whole of your mind, body and spirit in the wonder of nature, supported by the magical energies from past wisdom of the land and the ancestors.Β  Draw upon divine spirit for support and guidance, offering thanks and an open heart, to help us through these extraordinary times. We have much to be grateful for and it is all around us. Much love – Claire and all at Dove Retreat

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