Blog – Bright Heart towards Self during Lockdown

During usual times, those days of known substance, people face challenges and seek support from family, friends or therapists. People who have the resilience to look at stress and strains when life is normal, may not have the resilience necessary for deep exploratory therapy during periods of stress, like covid-19, due to a greater sense of becoming destabilised. Exploration of difficult past experiences may become overwhelming during these times of lockdown.

Remember to rest, be self-compassionate and seek companionship with good friends who are well-anchored and kind. Routine can be useful for having a sense of control over certain things and knowing the things that are consistent, concrete and reliable will be of help to stabilize the wobblyness.

Be kind and gentle towards yourself and prepare to be patient, give yourself permission to trust that you will seek the right help at the right time. Ask the universe to support you and remember, sometimes it’s those little signs and symbols which guide you in a really good direction. Listen to your inner voice. Feel it inside, in your body, what makes sense, and what feels good and useful.

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