Listening to your Inner Voice

_20190826_192629 (1)


Working with Symbols is a way of expressing our emotions and experiences, without using words. In this ‘Listening to your Inner voice’ session, it was ‘Hopes and Dreams for the Future’ which was explored by using symbols, chosen by a client. The Native Americans painted symbols on their horses as a ritual, which may include for protection, intention and celebration. We work with energy awareness and one-on-one connection with a horse or pony, and are grateful to be supported by all of nature that is holding the space. This was a very powerful session, bringing things up from the unconscious and making sense of true desires. Writing messages on ribbon that are tied to the horses’ mane, such as troubles or burdens that are difficult to carry alone, is a request for the horse to carry it away, when they are released back into the herd. Time at the end, spent simply observing and processing this was important and valuable too providing unique moments of insight.Β  It is always a privilege to be a part of this spiritual journey of healing.

Thankyou for allowing me to share these pictures, with love ~ Claire & The Healing Herd

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