Nature Can Nurture



Last month I visited a region in Ireland, of wildness and beauty, a range of hillside, woodland and river. The Wicklow Mountains rose above us, and ancient history was seeping out from every direction. Our stay was 3 delicious days of fresh, sweet smelling air in the valley, picking up the different fragrances was so invigorating. The river water singing it’s tunes, the trees making their own music in the wind and sprinkling of rain showers. The sun shone, making art from the shadow patterns and each moment was a gift, a renewal of ‘what belongs in this moment of now…’ When we connect with the present moment, we know we are precisely here, and not in some old, past memory. This is the truth of now, this is a different time, this is where I am now. Spending time in nature with mindfulness attitude, gives us an authentic experience of feeling calmer in our body and our mind. We are actually demonstrating self-regulation of the nervous system, something you can attune to at home, work and socially. Sessions here will support you in becoming familiar with this, whilst in a safe environment, empowering you to transfer this healthy life skill to your personal life. Trauma related incidents can be supported here, with myself holding the space, in a way to bring about positive change.


The weekend was filled with incredible insight and inspiration as I listened to and participated in experiential workshops, led by professionals who had brought Nature into their practices with clients. Some were working directly with clients and others were sharing their intrinsic high regard and working with supporting these times of climate change.  I absorbed every second wholeheartedly, bringing home with me delightful memories of new-born high regard, respect and understanding of how working in Nature supports client work, aids healing and these are necessary times for us all, to do even the small things to help in the bigger picture of supporting climate change.


I met some truly lovely people, of like-minded kindred spirit and shared moments in Nature, connecting with each other, with ourselves and with those from the past who belong to the systems of that region, with whom we held in honourable regard.

I am very much looking forwards to returning, to Laragh, Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains.

Contact me to schedule an Experience:        ‘Mindfulness and the Joy of Companionship,’ with ponies in nature

This will run through the winter, we can choose to  have a ‘wild wander’ up the country lane too  – 1.5 hrs

Please look on the ‘Work with Horses’ page



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