Spiritual Insight, Attunement & Healing – and a sprinkling of Happy Glow

Over the past few weeks of this summer I have been lucky enough to spend lots of time with friends who love being in the countryside, enjoying all that is nature, and some who truly love being around their own horses too. The conversations we’ve exchanged very often run through a pattern of what we have been doing that’s proven successful, personally and professionally and what we would like to improve, and quite often there is a running theme of what’s going on in our horses’ behaviours, which when we take time to reflect on that, can give us precious insight into our own.

It has been remarkable to hear of so many gifts these horses share with us. Lifting our spirits and sprinkling us with ‘happy glow’,  and surprising us with those ‘aha!’ moments that seem to just spring from within us, when we are brushing, riding or just relaxing in their company. Horse’s regular care and management of environment really is a huge commitment and needs many hours physical work and takes buckets of energy. But it gives us purpose, which for those of us that love this lifestyle, feels like a blessing and we are grateful for all that they give in return.

I decided to look up the definitions of the title of today’s blog, which came to me yesterday when I was driving my car, which is not the best of places to be contemplating, but very often is just how it works out. I wanted to find a way to describe what happened in the last two sessions that The Healing Herd supported for our recent lovely visitors. I just kept stirring the pot of words, remembering how it seemed a big pot was being stirred for them. I feel privileged to be a part of witnessing spiritual interchange with people and the horses, and I know that there is a gift in it for me too.

These descriptions are just kept short and sweet, because they are subjects of great width and depth and I respect that they will have personal interpretations.

Spiritual; A sense of connection with something bigger than ourselves.

Insight; An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing. A clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation.

Attunement: To bring into harmony. An early term to describe energy medicine.

Healing; The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

This is ideal if you are a professional energy worker or therapist, with an ethical obligation to CPD and commitment to personal well-being. 

If you simply like the sound of this blog, you would be just as welcome to book a session. 

 For one to one sessions, I would suggest the 1.5hr or maybe ask some friends or work colleagues and we can arrange a 3 hour workshop.



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