Equine Assisted Therapy & Wellbeing

***We are very excited to be about to start our 2018 sessions of Equine Assisted Therapy or Wellbeing bookings!***

Join us for an authentic experience, an empowering journey of connecting with your emotions through the time spent with horses and nature.

Equine Assisted Therapy (EFP) “uses equine-facilitated activities to explore the way a client sees and relates to themselves and others, their patterns of behaviour and survival as well as their gifts and strengths, and may include the exploration of past experiences and traumas. EFP is a form of psychotherapy and relies upon the therapeutic knowledge and experience gained through a mental health qualification”.  (www.leapequine.com)

One on one sessions of 1 hr = £55 or 1.5hr = £75

Equine Assisted Wellbeing, (personal learning), “uses equine-facilitated activities as a tool for self development and education, with a focus on the present moment. Skills include non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, relationship skills, confidence and resilience”. (www.leapequine.com)

One on one sessions 1hr = £55 or 1.5hr = £75

Equine Assisted Wellbeing workshop days are small groups of 3 people, ‘sharing’ the experience, which has its own special authentic experience. 11am/4pm lunch of soup/rolls and light refreshments provided £45 per person.

If you would like to organise a day for colleagues or friends with a theme in mind, please ask.

We also aim to have lots of fun! Email me at claireryallcounselling@hotmail.com

or ring 07805 548 306


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