Feeling cold, dismal or lethargic? Find some ‘Warmth’ in your life.

This time of year brings many people to seek support when they are fed-up with feeling low or flat.

Seek some warmth in your life. This may be an offering towards yourself, as self-compassion or treats. Plan a day out with a good friend, maybe visit somewhere you have really wanted to go for a long time. Special treats can really help lift the spirits.

Book a holiday so that you have something to look forwards to.

Seek the warmth from the heart of animals, and stroking their fur is always comforting!

Maybe check you are physically warm enough? Soft layers of wool can bring extra comfort in a snuggly way. Coats that keep out the winter wind, that the home is warm and comfortable and hot food to warm us from the inside.

Look at old photos of great memories or start a new activity and listen to some peaceful meditations with gratitude and love in the theme.

We would love to welcome you to The Healing Herd days of Wellbeing this Spring and Summer. One to one sessions are also available, as equine assisted therapy or equine assisted personal development.

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