New Year, New You, 2018



‘Wellbeing Workshop Day’

Come and have an authentic day with us, enjoying the privilege of ‘Nurture in Nature’ that we can offer here in the Somerset countryside. Tranquil and beautiful, surrounded by birdsong and the horses, ponies and our adorable donkey.

‘Wellbeing’ days are 11am until 4pm ( Meet from 10.30am) and small groups of 4 people, this ensures everyone gets hands on experience if they wish to work with the ponies and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere.

An experiential opportunity to enhance and improve your General Wellbeing and focusing on life skills: Confidence – Motivation – Self Esteem – Assertiveness – Boundaries – Managing Stress – Mindfulness

Spending time with horses gives us unique insight into our habits and behaviours, providing the opportunity for positive change. These unique moments can be empowering. The sensitive nature of horses and their spiritual essence contributes to the magical healing of Nurture in Nature. We will do some mindfulness, meditation and some creative work which includes themes from the different spiritual cultures around the world. Creative work with symbols can be a powerful way to make connections with changes we wish for and this may include painting on paper or ponies. Working with the ponies may include; mindful walking with the loose ponies; meditation and reflective time in their company; brushing; leading around the safe arena; and tasks such as building and leading them around an obstacle course.


2018 price – £45 per person for the day, including lunch, drinks and snacks. The comfort of the woodburner in the Shepherd’s Hut welcomes you in to the sacred space where your journey begins.

Telephone 07805 548306


I am an experienced and qualified Counsellor and registered Equine Assisted Therapist

Equine Assisted Therapy – one on one – minimum 6 sessions recommended – £55 1 hr / £75 1.5 hrs

Equine Assisted Personal Learning –  one on one – individual sessions – £55 1 hr / £75 1.5hrs


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