With Christmas approaching, these times can be very hectic. So be careful to have a good balance of work and rest. Extra shopping for those special presents and organising visiting family and friends is not always easy when there is travelling around to be sorted out. Money can feel stretched and that can be a stress in itself.

So try and be organised, make lists, use post-its, try different coloured pens for themes and maybe simply making homemade presents will help the finances. People very often really enjoy a lovely homemade gift. Financial help is usually available through your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

This can also be a difficult time for feelings of grief, missing a person who cannot be around to share these festive days, can feel difficult to manage, especially with all the up-beat advertising in shops and media. Maybe take some flowers to a grave or remembrance place as an acknowledgment of your love to be giving to them. It is still lovely enough if you put flowers in your home or have special decorations that remind you of them and you can feel connected to that person. Special treasure boxes of keepsakes and lovely memories of that person can help soothe the feeling of grief, and shedding tears allows those painful feelings be released, and healing is occurring at the same time.

Find someone that you can trust and is caring, to talk to if that is what may help.

Spend some time doing things you really enjoy and find some time for mindfulness and meditation to help your mind, body and spirit to have a rest and recharge your batteries.

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