Moving Forwards – Journey Over The Bridge, leaving old habits behind and taking new ‘skills and self-awareness’ with us into the future

THH bridge

Do you ever feel like “I’ve been here before!” “Why am I back here again?”

Life can sometimes feel stuck, with situations or learnt habits holding us back, causing a sense of looping backwards over old ground.

Come and have some Equine Assisted Therapy sessions to help discover new ways to move forwards. Working with the ponies and horses is a wonderful way to gain insight into our behaviour patterns, they reflect back to us the subtleties and unconscious parts of ourselves, in their own behaviour and mannerisms. Our past experiences can influence our current ways of being and equine assisted therapy can highlight areas that may need acknowledgement, and understanding, and help us find ways of working through and letting go of things holding us back.  This truly unique experience is enlightening and during the sessions we can discover new ways to move forwards in life, enriching us with skills, improving our Self and other relationships around us. This work is done with professional and experienced therapeutic support.

Equine Assisted Wellbeing sessions are a fantastic way to enrich our life-skills, working with the horses and ponies, is more activity based and we have lots of fun too!

All the sessions can help with these issues: relationships; self-esteem; assertiveness; loss; bereavement; stress; understanding anger and so many more. I offer a free consultation, a dialogue and assessment to determine what you are looking for and tailor the sessions to suit your needs. The price is the same for therapy or wellbeing because it can all be seen as therapeutic work, however we will decide together what you are seeking.  Boundaries that separate ‘therapy from wellbeing’ are governed by the assessment and myself, keeping a mindful professionalism, as it can be the very nature of this work that creates slipping from one to the other.  Working with horses can bring up past experiences of trauma that you may have experienced (disclosed or undisclosed) and I facilitate the sessions in a way that the ‘depth’ of work is monitored closely. Working with horses in this way is known for releasing memories of trauma, this is a special insight, a gift from the horses and we work carefully to ensure that this is a safe and nurturing environment, whilst you enjoy this journey together.

Ways that we spend time can include, mindfulness; meditation; creative artwork; horse watching/brushing/leading; energy awareness.

We work closely on promoting self-compassion and building resilience.

All of our work takes place surrounded and supported by Nature.  We are blessed and grateful to share this space with creatures, the freedom of the ever-changing weather and cleansing, soothing, fresh air, all of which holds our work with healing qualities.

Based in a rural peaceful village, between Sherborne, Dorset and Yeovil, Somerset

Telephone: 07805 548306


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