Fun & Creativity – Helps us Feel Good about Ourselves



Come and have some Fun with The Healing Herd in Nature

There are many really good reasons to get out and about and have fun and to make time for being creative. Last week I went to a workshop called Constellating Endocannabinoids by Sarah Peyton, ‘international speaker and facilitator, has a passion for weaving together neuroscience knowledge and experiences of healing that unify people with their brains and bodies’  We spent the day understanding the importance of babies’ interactions and connections with the significant carer, and what can happen if there is a lack of exchange of heartfelt warmth and value, and be a contributory factor to habits forming, ranging from smoking; drinking; using food as comfort, to drug and alcohol addictions. We took part in systemic constellations and gained insights from many perspectives, a thoroughly amazing day.


The great news is – this is reparative and we can work on reducing ‘habits’ that may be regarded as unhelpful. The endocannabinoid system that we have (the neurotransmitters that support our Wellbeing), benefits when we engage in play, feel joy and experience heartfelt warmth. Play can be creative with the drawing or painting type arts, including music and drama, it may be sports or simply whatever it is that you love to do that does have a sense of ‘play’ about it. Joy comes more from the freedom of that experience, and is less contained as in structured team sports where the rules and competitive nature can hold boundaries. Heartfelt warmth from another, whether person or creature, is a tonic for wellbeing, and holding ourselves in love and self-compassion supports all that is nurturing and healing. (Please seek specialised support for substance addictions).

Horses – our Heartfelt Companions and Wise Guides

Come and have a playful, fun-filled session with The Healing Herd in Nature

Connect with Nature – good for Mind, Body and Spirit

Feel good about Yourself.

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