Sizzling, Scorching, Hot & Bothered?

Feeling – ‘Hot and bothered?’

Come and have a Wellbeing session with The Healing Herd. It’s good to talk and we are here to listen. Set in beautiful Somerset, surrounded by nature and all the healing that brings, when we surrender to the moment, take in the view and open our senses to Just Being.

I hope you are all keeping well hydrated and cool during this particularly hot summer. The animals are doing really quite well. We have shelters in every field and they are putting their heads into the shadows to keep the flies off. The ground is rock hard and showing many cracks now, but things are not as bad as they appear.

We are enjoying the beautiful sunsets and changing our habits to adapt to the heat. Early morning and later in the afternoons are much easier to do all the work and jobs that are required up the field. The back of the field has a lovely high hedge which is perfect for meditation sessions and mindfulness breaks, with the birds all around us, it makes for a pretty special setting for Wellbeing.

Remember – “There are ways around everything” so maybe give that some thought when up against a problem or stumbling block.

Do get in touch if you would like a session to talk about how things are sizzling or scorching in your life.

Best wishes

Claire & The Healing Herd

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