Mindfulness & Drumming in Nature with The Healing Herd

Come and have a session of experiential mindfulness with the Healing Herd. This photo was taken when I attended a drumming workshop with horses on the Somerset Levels in 2016. We will experience mindful breath, walking and drumming whilst supported in the midst of nature and all it’s nurture and healing sources. This experience will enhance your wellbeing and will introduce you to skills to take away with you.

Mindful drumming 01

“Mindfulness teaches us the power of returning to the moment. It re-grounds us in the present, connecting us with an awareness that acknowledges where we are and why we are there. Re-establishing that connection returns us to our lives as they actually are – not what they have been, nor what they might be.

Drumming is one of the oldest healing modalities and it remains recognised today by most holistic and alternative practitioners as a non-invasive aid to releasing physical and emotional blockages that affect the energetic body”. Graeme Green http://www.themindfulhorse.org

Sessions can include a therapeutic opportunity to talk about a current situation that is difficult or stuck and where some support and direction is required.

1 hr £55

1.5hr £75

Contact me on 07985 548 306 or email claireryallcounselling@hotmail.com

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