Embracing ‘Connection’




There is something special about being around horses that is well written about in many ways and forms. They are all different, but similar in that they are sensitive souls and there is a depth of wisdom and learning to be taken from their teachings. This will be unique to each person and the truest interpretation will come from the person who is spending the time, experiencing a connection, with that particular horse,Β  in that authentic moment.

When we spend quality chosen time with horses, supported by all that nature provides, we can experience a more harmonious connection with ourselves and all that surrounds us. Quiet, mindful, resting and just ‘Being’ is like a tonic to our souls. Meditation and visualisations can guide us to a place of contemplation and rest, this may be where the magic of healing vibrational shift is stirring and rippling, waiting to be embraced with open arms and heart.

Spending time just ‘Being’ in the moment gives us a chance to relax in our mind and body, connecting with all our senses, which can improve our general wellbeing and give us new ways to manage life’s challenges. A relaxed body encourages a relaxed mind.

The time we spend outdoors being in the moment of ‘here and now’, noticing the weather, the sounds, the smells, the felt sensations, are all authentic moments of realness that we can recognise and replicate, bringing new habits into our lives, nurturing our mind/body/spirit.

Our body talks to us, let us turn up the volume and take notice of it’s important messages. The gut feelings, the intuitive felt messages, the synchronicities that jumble around us catching our vision. Symbols that attract our interests and songs playing in our head, fleeting words and colours and pictures that float hazly amongst our conscious thinking.

Let us spend time learning from these great wise teachers and all that the universe offers.

Photos taken March 2018 http://www.kindredconnectionscr.com



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