‘Journey Over the Bridge’




 Well-being Workshop Day

Running  until 3oth September 2017    10am – 4pm

Have you got a few friends or work colleagues that would like to do this? ( Alternatively themes can be chosen for CPD and professional development days).

We would love to welcome you to an experiential day with the ponies. We will work outside, taking in the benefits of ‘nurture in nature, with equine assisted well-being’, and inside our cosy and warm Shepherd’s Hut for when the weather is cold or raining.

Small group of 3 people, exploring life skills, making changes, letting go of habits that are unhelpful, discovering new skills, experiential day with the ponies, accompanying you for your journey ‘over the bridge’, moving forward with your new awareness. There will be some mindfulness, short meditation and drumming to the ‘journey over the bridge’. Using some of the ways of North American and other cultures, we will use symbols to represent emotions and life experiences of the past and for hope for the future. Working with horses can be a catalyst for change. Horse are able to attune to people and reflect the emotions they sense, in their own behaviours, creating an authentic experience. This means that everyone’s wellbeing workshop day is unique to them, and importantly, we hope you enjoy this experience too.
£40 per person, light lunch/refreshments provided.

Email claireryallcounselling@hotmail.com or phone 07805 548 306

Claire Ryall          Nr Sherborne/Yeovil   BA22 8AD

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