2 exciting workshop days coming up July/August/September 2017! Watch this space!

  1. ‘Exploring the Self, journey through the Archway’.  These archways represent the overall theme of the day. The Healing Herd will have an archway for you to lead a chosen pony through for your own authentic experience.


2.   ‘Moving from the past, into the future –  over the Bridge’.  Crossing a bridge can be a simplistic notion, but when we work on themes like ‘what is  Self Esteem?’, or ‘where are my boundaries, personally and professionally?’ then the whole bridge crossing experience, whilst leading a pony or donkey,  can be an amazing, enriching and empowering adventure. These are illustrations, but we will have a bridge of our very own to cross.


Details to follow – please email me if these days interest you. If you have a small group of friends or colleagues we can plan a date to suit you. 3 people max 10am/4pm – £40 each lunch and refreshments provided

email: claireryallcounselling@hotmail.com   Mob: 07805 548306

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