Wellbeing Workshop

Head, Heart & Hooves – Releasing Stress & Relaxation


Last week we had a workshop from 11am until 4pm with the theme of releasing stress and relaxation. It was a huge success and everyone said they got something from it. 3 visitors and myself took part in this special day.

We did some mindfulness, meditation, work with the ponies, learnt some new methods to release stress and made some lovely ‘keepsakes’.


The woodburner kept the shepherd’s hut really cosy warm and some beautifully colourful, handknitted woolen squares, were soon wrapped around legs and shoulders for that lovely snug and feeling ‘held’ way.


Lunch was a simple but delicious soup with rolls and followed by cakes!!


If you would like to experience one of these wellbeing days, please contact me on 07805548306, or look on the facebook page for The Healing Herd or email claireryallcounselling@hotmail.com

We would love to see you!


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