Knowing what the things in our lives are, that help us to feel safe and secure, is really helpful for our general wellbeing. These things can be used when feeling anxious or overwhelmed, to help calm us down and lower our anxiety or energy levels.

In our herd we have 2 new horses. A 15hh palomino mare and a 12hh pony. This next few months will be a settling-in period for them and it is very interesting watching the herd dynamics. Little Merlin seems to act as an anchor in the paddock with Cookie and new mare Pixie. Pixie follows Merlin around, grazes and lies down and generally hangs out with him. He also seems to put himself between Cookie and Pixie and this has been observed when Cookie has chased Pixie away from hay that I have put out or if Pixie wanders over to the fence that separates them from new mare Summer, with Syd and donkey Darwin. In that paddock Darwin seems to be a useful ‘anchor’, he is always calm and relaxed when there has been conflict over the fence which gets Syd very fidgety and restless.

Experiential sessions with the horses and one to one sessions in the quiet space of the hut can help clients identify their own anchors and find new ways to manage raised emotions and energy levels. This is a wonderful nurturing and healing way to improve clients’ wellbeing with great therapeutic benefit.

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