Blog: Horses & Humans need Boundaries

The subject of boundaries will crop up for many people. Private lives, professional lives and developmentally for children and pets. It’s often a subject in therapy for exploration in friendships, relationships and working environments. I’ve been watching some different horse trainers on video and youtube over the winter and the latest is from Wales and some exceptionally wise Americans. I’ve been watching the demonstration of leadership and setting boundaries for young horses, as in November I was wildly spontaneous and bought a young 18 month old New Forest pony, so I am submersing myself in working with young horses at the moment.

Not only are boundaries important for young horses, to survive and exist comfortably in a herd, but boundaries are important to humans too. Parents or those with parental responsibility, are the ones to set the early ones and personal boundaries are important to adults, for living their most useful, content and rewarding life.

My little pony is named Uhtred, after a Danish Earl, who could have actually ridden across the land here when he lived around the 9th century during the reign of King Alfred. Uhtred has to live comfortably here with the herd at Dove Retreat and with me, and our visitors. So I have a new project, but also a responsibility to him, and with much excitement I am looking forwards to building a connection with Uhtred so that hopefully we may get to explore the fabulous countryside together in the future.

Supporting people around horses and ponies gives them a special opportunity for insight into areas of personal development, a lot can be learnt and new ways forwards can be considered. Emotional realisations and energetic resonance of trauma can sometimes be released and as an experienced counsellor I would be taking great care to ensure that emotional wellbeing is held with professional boundaries.

If you would like to come for a retreat weekend, and also book an experiential session with the ponies here, please do get in touch. Sitting with the ponies and talking about problems or stress can be enlightening and therapeutic whilst held in the nurturing space of nature. Your session can be of gentle, mindfulness and meditation or maybe something a little deeper which can be discussed together. (Photos of Uhtred are on facebook – Dove Retreat)

To stay at Dove Retreat is an opportunity to rest, relax and feel revived. To have the animals and birds as your companions. To go for a refreshing walk around the village circuit or plan a longer hike and awaken your senses. Enjoy and admire the wide open skies as you truly live in the moment and be present to the sounds of wildlife. Rest in the cosy, rustic shepherd’s huts and enjoy the warmth of the wood burners and soft throws. Treating yourself to all of this, because you deserve it, because you are worth it.

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