Blog – Bright Heart Hope Fullness and releasing Worry

Hope – Desire – Intention: Welcome them with open heart into your life. Let them settle, in the solid ground of your Soul.  Breathe them in, during  your quiet times of rest. This is when you can give them full attention and give them a place to grow.

Notice the thoughts that distract your attention, those worries that change your mood. Imagine you are sat in your most favourite place in the wild, held by nature and all your favorite creatures around you. Picture in your mind’s eye that you have a special bag sat in your lap, reach inside and gently take out a delicate bubble, give each bubble the name of a worry. Stretch our your arm and release it into the fresh breeze. Down by your feet you have a wicker basket full of seeds. They may be flowers or plants or trees. These are the seeds of your hope, desire and intention, take a handful and scatter them all around you, watch as they drift in the warm breeze, then sit down and notice as they start to grow. Enjoy the connection.                                                             ‘Never lose hope my dear heart, miracles dwell in the invisible’. Rumi

photo of person s hand across flying hot air balloons during golden hour
Photo by Oziel Gómez on

With Self-compassion we are being gentle and kind to ourselves, if some of those worries need different attention, imagine you have a box beside you and place those worries in the box for keeping to be shared with the right support. You can bury the box outside of your special place, take a walk and find the place that feels right for you. You can return at any time to give them the attention they need.

With love and warm wishes – Claire x

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