Blog – Bright Heart Intention and Instinctive Hibernation


For some people at the moment there seems to be a sense of resting or waiting, as though their attention is not on any one thing in particular. I myself have recognised a feeling that nothing in particular is bothering me at the moment, and have come to the conclusion that I am conserving my energy for something around the corner. I also wonder if I am in a form of natural hibernation, instinctive  self-care, or whether there is some astrological or other universal influence at work.

I was reading about the Festival of Imbolc, the Celtic beginning of Spring, on 1st/2nd  February. There are many references in folklore and medieval traditions to look at natures’ signs at Imbolc to determine how the rest of the winter weather will fare, which caught my attention today when the subject of climate change is prominent on the news and I wondered how on earth this is going to be in the future. In Siberia it was the bears’ hibernation patterns at Imbolc that folk determined the rest of the winter weather. Are we going to recognise new patterns in nature? Who is going to take notice and make sense of nature’s messages? Or is nature’s symphony less harmonious now? (Another blog coming on sound and vibrational healing).

Imbolc is also known as the feast day of St Brigid, the patron Saint of Kildare, who as a little girl was said to look after the wealthy landowners’ cows, freed her mother from slavery, then became a nun. Her reputation is for kindness and healing and she is associated with St Brigid’s cross. Legend says that she made one from reeds whilst calming a pagan Chieftain and bringing ‘peace to his soul’ on his deathbed. The St Brigid’s cross is still made as an Irish custom, on the eve of Imbolc.  Made from straw or reeds then placed on the front doors of homes to keep evil, fire and hunger away from the home, then burned and replaced after that year. St Brigid built a church under an Oak tree, which was called Kill-dara, church of the Oak Tree, and this then became Kildare.

I believe ‘Intention’ can be magical, and that wonderful goodness can come from positive focused desire. lift your own sense of bright heart with glorious, positive, hope and faith.

Bright Heart experiences and personal development workshops aim to give you a wonderful time filled with joy and spiritual enlightenment. We look forward to welcoming you in the Spring – Claire & The Healing Herd

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