Where is your Sense of Wellbeing, are you feeling Bigger than the Problems or Difficulties in your life? Or are you feeling Smaller? Come and develop your Resilience.

darwin 2018Wellbeing is such a wide area, so email or ring me for a chat to help focus on where you would like to improve or progress towards. Everyone is unique, we are all at different stages in our lives and this is something I see as really important when helping clients to find direction and move forwards with a sense of Wellbeing.

When our problems seem bigger than ourselves, this can feel such a heavy burden. Come and learn ways to expand our own sense of Self. Equine Assisted Therapy can move into deeper areas and issues of your personal experiences and Equine Assisted Wellbeing will focus on the skills to develop coping strategies. life is so much easier when we feel bigger in our sense of who we are, and having a good sense that we are sturdy, steady and resilient.

All of this is held here in Somerset, with all that is Nature and the Creatures that surround us.

Mindfulness sessions now

being offered on Saturdays at 4pm, for 1.5hr and just £10 a visit! I will take bookings for small groups and really look forwards to welcoming you to share this beautiful space on a Saturday afternoon.

Please phone 07805 548 303


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