Mindfulness, Meditation & Drumming with Horses

DSCN0238.JPGToday I visited a quiet part of Somerset and had an experiential day of Mindfulness, Meditation and Drumming with Horses. It was a really enlightening experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When we drummed with the horses they wandered over and stood next to us, sometimes just standing, or turning around as if to present a part of their body that required the vibration, the healing. With intention in our hearts, we could send love, compassion and healing to the horses, and to each other as we practiced this ancient ritual.

Quote from facilitator Graeme Green (Mindful Horse) “Drumming is one of the oldest healing modalities and remains recognised today by most holistic and alternative practitioners as a non-evasive aid to releasing physical and emotional blockages that affect the energetic body”.

Apart from the personal gain from engaging with this, I can use this practice to help keep all my lovely horse in good health and harmony within themselves and as individual members of the herd.

I am currently studying a diploma in Mindfulness, as it already seems to be a large part of the work I do as a counsellor and with equine assisted therapy and I aim to hold mindfulness workshops in 2018. Learning mindfulness techniques and being more in the ‘here and now’, can alter the chemistry within our body, lowering the raised levels of adrenalin and cortisol and help us to think about and respond to things, in a calmer way.

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