Equine assisted Wellbeing

‘Releasing Stress & Embracing Hope’

Stress can be exhausting, and many people are often in the fast lane of life. Our Wellbeing sessions can be private, 1 and 1/2 hours, or spend a day on a group workshop 10am – 4pm. We spend quality time, experiencing the positive effect of ‘Nurture with Nature’, working in the rural countryside. Just being outside with the elements and natural energies can help lift spirits and encourage positive attitudes. With trees and birds surrounding and holding the space for self development. We will also work closely with the horses/ponies and our donkey, learning more about ourselves as we observe them, meditate with them and share our ‘stories’ in the company of these wise and authentic equines.

Benefits: improved levels of self-esteem, confidence, communication and understanding of Self & others, decision making, coping skills, physical health to name but a few. These sessions help to recognise a buildup of stress and pressure in our lives, and to feel more able to look forwards, to enjoy our lives and be able to feel that sense of ‘hope’. To know that feeling of ‘desire and need’, to listen to what we feel what it is that we ‘want and need’ and have a more balanced sense of mind, body and spirit.

Session content has an Holistic approach, we spend time with the horses/ponies/donkey and this may include: relaxation exercises, meditations, Bach Flower remedies, Native American rituals and other nourishing ways of promoting Wellbeing.


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